Catching halibut
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These photos are taken in February 2007. The fisherman - Torstein Halstensen - is fishing for halibut, allthough not to kill and eat it. This fish will be kept alive and later on become the mother of thousands of baby halibuts in Norway (sea farms). Torstein was alone in his boat, but he asked for help when he saw the size of the halibut caught on the long line. A boat near by placed a crew member with Torstein, and on this photos you see how they get the halibut safely on board. It`s far from the biggest halibut Torstein has caught, but 75 kilo grams is OK. The photos are taken by the skipper on the other boat.

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ĘThe halibut had taken a tusk (4 kg) caught on the long line. Torstein is leading the halibut carefully towards the boat, lifting it into the boat following the rythem of the waves. The valuable catch must be handeled with care.

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Parts of the long line is still in the sea, and Torstein must release the halibut from the line. The angle is removed carefully and the halibut is led into a large tub in the boat. The week before, Torstein got a bigger halibut. You may see a photo of it after it was put ashore. That one weighing 100 kilo grams.

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