Hunting sharks and large fish - history from Norwegian fisheries

Movies from former fisheries Short live moments from a time when several species of large fish was common in The North Sea and were an important part of the yearly income for many fishermen.

The basking shark This giant shark has been hunted and used for hundreds of years. Read about the basking shark and the hunt for this large, but peaceful shark. Photos, short films and descriptions.

The porbeagle Facts about the shark and how the Norwegian fishermen caught porbeagles off coast, in the North Sea, in Irish waters and east of New Foundland. Photos and descriptions.

The greenland shark Facts about the Greenland shark and how the Norwegian fishermen caught this shark in fjords and off the coast of Norway and in foreign waters.

Fishing in Norway Read and see photos of common fish species in Norwegian waters. This is what you can expect to catch if you go sea fishing in Norway. This page is under construction

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