Wolf fish

(Anarhichas lupus)

Size: Reaching sizes up to 125 cm. Weighing up to 20 kg .


Biology: The wolf fish is easy to recognize. It has a long dorsal fin from its neck and backwards. The jaws are powerful with several rows of thick teeth. Its mouth is fit for crushing things and its favorite food is sea urchin. It can easily crush a human hand, so be careful handling the catch. The wolf fish is also feeding on crabs, shells and sea snails. In Norway this fish is called "gråsteinbit", meaning; grey-stone-bite. The skin is non colored, but has striped patterns in shades of grey. The skin is so thick that it is suitable for preparation, then used as leather. The wolf fish may look like a cat due to the shape of its head and its eyes. Therefore it is also called catfish. It spawns during the winter months.



The wolf fish is common along most of the Norwegian coast. North of Bergen you may also find its relatives: Anarchichas minor (with spotted pattern) and Anarchichas denticulatus (dark blue with no pattern). The wolf fish lives in shallow waters and down to 450 meters depth (where you also can find large halibut). That means you may find it both off coast and in fjords. It often feeds in areas with see weed. The meat is delicate and often served as chops.


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Wolf fish caught in the deep areas around Talvik, north in Norway (Finnmark).

 Both photos (RP-team)


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< If you ara a fish and eat food like this.. you need teeth and jaws like this >

Photo to the right: (RP-team)

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